Craftsmen Railing has been independently owned and operated since 1972. Craftsmen products are of the highest quality and are only sold through authorized representatives. It has come to our attention that competitor railing salesmen and companies have made representations and used this website as a sales promotion claiming to be Craftsmen distributors or affiliated companies. Craftsmen is not affiliated with any other railing company. Craftsmen Products and Craftsmen Quality may only be obtained through Craftsmen Railings Inc. Please feel free to contact us directly in order to confirm that you are dealing directly with Craftsmen


President, Craftsmen Railing

Welcome to Craftsmen Railing!

Craftsmen Railing has been specializing in railing and metalcraft since 1972. Our skill is a culmination of three successive generations of metalsmiths, and although we are a modern welding facility, we also use the Old World style of hand-hammered and forged steel traditions that have been handed down from father, to son, to grandson, for 75 years.


All of Craftsmen Railing’s work is full-welded construction, cleaned and ground to full furniture quality. Our fine products are not from stock or prefabricated units; they are hand-crafted to your exact specifications. Each job Craftsmen Railing produces is as individual as you are.


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